creation 2020
provisionally 1 to 4 years old

ImpulZ is a dance show in which the audience – literally – has its fingers on the button, interacting with a dancer in the middle of the stage. The children can trigger sounds by pushing the buttons or operating an installation. That sound is converted live into a musical soundscape containing cues recognized by the dancer. So a sort of choreographic box of building bricks is created and from it one new dance sequence after another can be made. A stage set conceived in collaboration with Atelier Récup makes that link from trigger – to sound – to movement - and back again – accessible and above all intriguing for very young children.  

It will be a triangle of stimuli. The almost endless possible combinations will necessitate many tryouts with the public to fine-tune the box of building bricks and reactivity. 

We will work with two different dancers in the creation process. Each will develop his own choreographic box of bricks. So during the tour there will be the choice of two dance styles or two performers.

Promo text

In ImpulZ, Youri and a dancer go in search of interaction between audience and performers. Which is which? What stimulates what?
A cycle of action and reaction is built up intuitively.  

A dancer as the requesting party, as the recipient of stimuli from third parties, yet you can’t take your eyes off the dancer.

A musician who generates, diverts or side-steps stimuli.
The children who stimulate the dancer so as to set him/her in motion, but who will also be the response to the stimuli.

‘Interactive’ takes on a whole new meaning, not least because the audience also pulls the strings. Each performance generates a whole new show in tandem with the audience, without the performers diluting their artistic individuality.  


ImpulZ is a Theater De Spiegel production.

Coproduced by Perpodium

Director / choreographer / concept: Anke Zijlstra
Composer / musician / sound architect / performer: Youri Van Uffelen
Dancer/actor: Romeo Lothy Bampende or Hernan Mancebo Martinez
External eye / coaching: Thomas Eisenhardt
Artistic coaching/set coordination: Karel Van Ransbeeck
Costume design: Lies Maréchal
Set: Karel Van Ransbeeck, Christophe Lemmens and Ruud Mesdag from Atelier Récup and Wim Van De Vyver
Electronics design: Youri Van Uffelen & Kris Delacourt
Production manager: Zoë Bossuyt

Premiere on 25/4/2020 in DE Studio, Antwerp

Created with thanks to the support of Tax shelter regulations

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22 Apr
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